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Calming Stressed Animals

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I have been using YLEO in my veterinary practice for the past 14 years with great success. The beauty of using these wonderful oils is they help the whole family while treating their best friends the animals.

I have several oils and blends that are my favorites. One of these has to be Peace & Calming . This blend works well on cats and dogs. I massge it directly on the dogs ears and back when I work with them and they love it. Cats prefer not having it put on them but rather diffused into the area we are working in. Many animals have not so good memories of going to veterinary hospitals, so they get a little nervous about returning to one. The Peace & Calming makes this process much better for them.

Frankincense is my favorite single oil for treating animals. You can use it directly on cats, horse, rats, mice, snakes, birds or dogs with no problem. I mainly use it to help them heal if they are injured or to help their immune systems deal with infections, stress or cancer. You can appy it directly on tumors or wounds and it will help the body heal itself more efficiently.

Purification is an excellent blend for detoxing any form bite, such as insects, snakes or animals bites. I have found it to be very effective on bee stings, spider bites and puncture wounds.

You can learn more on my web site www.thepetwhisperer.com and all I ask in return for sharing is you do the same with my web site. I call it paying it forward.

Sincerely yours,
Stephen R. Blake DVM,CVA, CVH

I have been wearing Peace & Calming in a diffuser necklace at the local animal shelter where I volunteer every Monday. I have found that certain animals will press their faces right into my necklace as long as I stay where they can reach it. I see such a difference in these animals so much that sometimes they try to follow me out the door when I try to leave their rooms. I now keep Peace & Calming in my practitioner's office so that when a stressed out animal comes to see me I am ready for them! -- Jenny

As a vet tech its my job to assist the doctor in holding and calming the pets for their exam. I have found that just a touch of Peace & Calming or Valor on my wrists works wonders in making our nervous patients more relaxed. In fact, I have discovered that diffusing these oils during a thunderstorm is very soothing for my animals. Best of all, it doesn't matter if it is my 4LB poodle or my 1200LB horse, they all respond to the wonderful aroma and calming properties of these oils. -- Darlene

Lighting Capital!

First thing everyone needs to know is that central Florida is referred to as the lightning capital of the world. When I arrived on Monday the electricians were installing a new electric meter from a strike the day before. For some reason this kennel gets hit quite often. Kathy immediately took me inside and showed me the heavy gauge steel cage that Bart had bent out of shape with his jaws trying to escape during the last storm. She also told me he had destroyed the inside of his owners car during a lightning strike. My reaction, "why do they keep this dog" ? Kathy stated "the dog is kind, loving and peaceful except when a storm with lightning approaches as are many of the other animals including the horses which they also board at the kennel". Kathy what % of the animals get this way when a storm is approaching. At least 25 to 30 %.

We have been using prescription drugs including seizure medication from our veterinarian but hated to give to the animals because we know how bad they are to the animals system. One day I was discussing this problem with Kit who boards her dog with me from time to time. Kit recommended we try Peace & Calming from Young Living. I was desperate and decided to give Peace & Calming a try although I must tell you I was very
skeptical. Kit offered a bottle at no charge, otherwise I might not have tried it. We now call Peace & Calming the Lightning Oil!

On Horses too?

We put Peace & Calming on all four pads of the dogs and on the center of the muzzle between the nostrils for horses. It is amazing how well it works. You put Peace & Calming on horses? Yes says Kathy and on show horses. We have a Philly named Gilly (I Know) we were trying to train for show and the ferrier was scared to death Gilly was going to kill him. Gilly would just go crazy kicking and rearing up. The ferrier refused to go near Gilly until we calmed her down. We tried the Lightning Oil and within 20 minutes Gilly was as calm as could be. The ferrier was a happy guy. We also work with Arabian horses for show. Arabians are very temperamental especially when new to the shows.
Unbelievable! No more problems since we are using Peace & Calming.

Grooming too!

Kathy, do you use Peace & Calming in other areas in the kennel? Yes we do. We have a grooming service and some of the dogs become nervous. Our Groomer Jeanine uses the oil routinely. Only on one occasion did it not work. Kathy, please ask Jeanine to put the Peace & Calming in the palm of her hand and cup over the dogs nose on its next visit. Ok we’ll certainly try.

Storm approaching and the Vet!

Kathy says she knows when a storm is approaching. The animals start pacing. We run for the Lightning Oil and Bart gets it first for sure. Maurice your members might be interested in knowing our veterinarian Dr. McCartney is now using Peace & Calming in his clinic. Others in the immediate area that are using this marvelous product are Pony Express, Kritters Korner and our local feed and supply.

Thank you Kathy Roach for this information. I am sure it will be most helpful to animal owners around the country. Maybe this is why Young Living was out of Peace & Calming last week.

Written for Kathy Roach
By Maurice Gahagan

I recently used Valor oil on one of my young dogs who was in her very first dog show. I put 4 drops of Valor in my palms, then applied to the inside of her ear flaps. Within 5 minutes, there was a calm that came over her and she was no longer as nervous about all of the people and other dogs. I re-applied the Valor every hour we were at the show. Valor will now be a staple in my 'dog show bag'! -- Michel

Our son was shearing his lamb for a show when it mis-stepped off of the table and fell to the ground bringing the table down too. Needless to say it really spooked the lamb.

All I could think of was Psalm 23 and anointing the sheep's head with oil. Once we got the table back up and the lamb securely on it, I put a few drops of Peace & Calming on the head of the lamb and we watched it begin to breath calmer immediately. It was amazing. -- Rose

I had my beautiful goldren retriever spayed at 6 months old. She is by nature very calm and gentle. Of course the surgery and stitches were upsetting to her, so to help keep her calm through the first night and 2nd day, I misted Peace & Calming around her whenever she got restless. This allowed her to get the rest and sleep her body needed to heal quickly from the surgery. To spray the mist, I bought an inexpensive glass perfume purse sprayer at the drug store, almost filled it with spring water, then put in about 3 drops of Peace & Calming. That was it, and it worked great. -- Shelley

A older lab was terrified of a bath however it needed one. The owner was reluctant to try the bath because of the trama caused by the event of giving a bath. Upon discussing the use of essential oils the owner was interested in trying the mixture of Peace & Calming . The oils was diluted and placed near on the towel and bath area. The owners placed some on their hands prior to the bath and let the dog smell them. The owner also diffused Valarian as an added calming agent. The bath went well and the dog was relaxed. The owner expects the next bath experience to be just as good with the use of essential oils. -- Mary

A greyhound who was in a happy home after an early life of racing became afraid of storms and anything that reminded her of storms. The owner was concerned for the wellbeing of the dog. She asked if there was something beside medication that could be used long term without the medication side effects. I informed her that the use of Peace & Calming diluted with V6 and the use of Trauma Life had given good results in the past with various dogs and cats. She tried Peace & Calming and also Sacred Mountain. I gave her a sample of each and told her to report back. The results were positive and the dog was very calm and relaxed. The owner said that both worked very well but felt the Peace & Calming was a little more effective overall. This is another example of how oils can be used to calm rescued animals, especially those with storm trauma and unknown history of trauma from the track. -- Mary

I have a small puppy who did not like to be alone. One night I put a little Peace & Calming on her pads of her feet and a little on a towel that she lays on, then I threw the towel over her head. She played with the towel for about 5 minutes and then she was a sleep! She has not had that problem since. -- Darlene

My love love bird got scared and wouldn't stop shaking no matter what I did. I remembered I would always have to keep her from getting into my oils when I was making blends. I put one of my blends on my hands while I was holding her and in a few seconds she snaped right out of the panic. -- Pamela

We bought a horse that was horrible with the farrier when he would trim her hoofs. She would rear up and through herself to the ground. It was a real nightmare to work with her feet. If you didn't touch her feet, she was a very quit obedient horse.

When I leaned about the oils for animals, I tried Peace & Calming. When the farrier said he was on his way, I would put about three drops of Peace & Calming in the palm of my hand, and stir it 3 times, rub my hands together and put one in front of her nose to breathe in and the other hand I would rub gently all over her head.

She stood so well for her feet to be trimmed, that now when it is time for a trimming, I do this, and we don't even have to tie her, we just simply hold her with the lead rope. The last trimming, the farrier commented that she was the easiest of my 4 horses to trim. And the other 3 are always pretty good. -- Ilieen

I had a golden retriever, labrador mix named Valley. As she got older, Valley developed anxiety when a smoke detector would go off. My grandparents have a sensitive detector, so every time we would go visit, it would go off. Valley would shake off and on for two plus hours after the sound. I'd try to take her for a walk, but she'd just start shaking again when she walked back through the door.

When I started using Young Living oils, I thought I'd try Peace & Calming for this situation. The next time the smoke detector went off, I put a drop of Peace & Calming on my palm and stuck it right in front of Valley's nose. She didn't always like it in that moment, but it was so beneficial for her. She would stop shaking IMMEDIATELY and would act as if the event never happened afterwards.

Animals don't usually need the oils held right next to their nose as they are much more sensitive to smells. In this case, I wanted to get her attention and make her sniff it. -- Chelsie

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