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Fleas, Ticks and Insect Repellents

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Flea Collar
Take a soft collar of any kind or brand, even the one that is already on your pet will do great.
Ĺ teaspoon alcohol
1 drop Cedarwood Oil
3 drops Purification Oil
2 drops Lavender Oil
1 drop Citronella Oil
I drop Thyme Oil
and 3 drops Orange Oil.

Mix the ingredients in a stainless steel bowl and soak the soft collar in it until all the liquid is absorbed. Allow the collar to dry completely prior to putting it on your pet.

This collar should last up to 1 month, but if it does begin to loose it's potency, simply remake the above mixture and soak it again. You can add garlic oil if you so desire as fleas and mosquitoes HATE garlic. I don't use it because YL does not have garlic oil yet, so I will wait until they come out with it to add it to my flea collar. I hope you all enjoy this recipe.

Purrs -n- blessings, Leigh Foster

** You can also use a short piece of cord or soft rope saturated int the essential oils listed above and tied loosely around the animal's neck.

Fly and Flea Repellant Spray
This recipe is from when I had my grooming and boarding business and would occasionally have animals come in with fleas, etc. I would also use this on the horses during fly season.

For a spray:
10 drops each of Citronella
Add the oils to a 24 ounce bottle filled with water.

It really does work great! -- Sara Kenney

Spray for pet bedding - 1 cup spray bottle, spring water, 10 drops of Purification, 5 drops Orange, 2 drops Rosemary. I use this when I change bedding every week and in between. It helps with any fleas that might be brought in on our animals. I spray the area under the bedding and the bedding. I use it wherever my animals lie. It is great. I use on cat and dog bedding. I some times end up spraying the whole house, floors and sofas etc. God bless. Oil hugs -- Patricia

Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes and Flies Herbal Remedy

Ingredients are full strength oils: Melaleuca, Rosemary, Sage, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Citronella and Pine Needle Oil. Mix 4-6 drops of each with 32 ounces of any natural shampoo and now you have a natural flea shampoo. Or mix 2-3 drops each with 16 ounces water in a spray bottle. Shake before each application and spray light over entire body. Repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies and also makes the van/car smell great. Spray dogs and blankets. Use before going into the show ring instead of those other sprays. No chemical smell spray. Stuff smells great. Dogs look great and it gives an additional shine to their coat. This recipe is the courtesy of Diane Makinney of Mid Florida Golden Retriever Rescue.

Flea Repellant for dogs: 1/3 of the bottle of Witch Hazel. Add 6-8 drops of Lavender, 6-8 drops of Peppermint and 6-8 drops of Cedarwood. Shake well and spray dog before he goes outside. Keep away from eyes.

Horse Fly Spray
20 drops Purification Oil
20 drops Peppermint Oil
20 drops Thieves Oil
20 drops Lavender Oil

In a clean 32 ounce fly spray bottle, add clean water and the above oils. Just hold the bottle upside down and let the drops come out without shaking. Shake well before spraying! It's great not to breath toxic chemicals and have toxic spray all over your body. Never allow liver toxic and respiratory damaging chemicals to poison your body or your horses body!

Do not spray directly into the horses eyes.


Another Option:
In a 32 ounce bottle, fill it to the top and leave a little room with good water. Then, add 30 drops of Young Living Peppermint Oil. Shake well before using and avoid spraying where it will get into the horses eyes. Also, do not spray on any open cuts or wounds. This is great as the wind blows the spray all over me, and I get the added benefits too. It is nontoxic and chemical free and one inexpensive bottle of Peppermint Oil lasts for a long time.

Flea Powder Ĺ teaspoon each dried Eucalyptus, Fennel or Rosemary and Pennyroyal
ľ cup cornstarch
Add drops of essential oils to the dried herbs. Grind the herbs into a powder in a spice mill or a blender. Combine with the cornstarch in a glass jar. Shake to blend. Sprinkle on the pet and work into the fur. Makes ľ cup. Has indefinite shelf life, although the herbs will lose their potency in a few weeks.

Fleas in Vacuum bag
Add some diatomaceous earth to your vacuum bag so the fleas die after they enter the vacuum bag. Just vacuum up a bit of the diatomaceous earth so that any fleas sucked up will die.

Here's another option for the vacuum:
For inside, try the cheapest table salt you can get. Sprinkle the salt over all your rugs and floors, let it sit all night then vacuum. Do this three times 10 to 14 days apart to get all stages of the fleaís life. I did that 20 years ago and haven't had a flea since. I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and have had cats the whole time. The salt dries out the flea and kills them that way. -- Carol B

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Experiences Using oils For Fleas and Ticks

I had a person who had dogs of his own take my puppy and proceed to show me that she would have flea droppings on her belly. He was very surprised she didn't have any. Most of the time he's able to show dog owners that their pets have fleas. I use the Animal Scents Shampoo and make a spray with Lemongrass, Orange, Purification and maybe some Peppermint. Besides keeping her flea and tick free, she smells great too. One time she did have a tick on her, it's after she had been to the groomer and they used their shampoo. -- Amanda Snader

My friend said she bathed her dogs with Thieves Cleaner and she said the fleas just rolled off dead. She only used a little bit with the soap that she used, but I thought it was great news, because that could be something to try to see if it might work in the yard diluted to kill the fleas there. -- Chris

There are several natural things you can do in order to get rid of the flea problem. One is called Beneficial Nematodes that go outside in the ground to eat fleas.

For inside, you can use the easiest method: Take 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and put in a quart of water. Dip a washcloth into the vinegar mixture and wipe down all your cats (for dogs add an additional tablespoon of vinegar). Fleas HATE vinegar and will leave the animal. This is where the beneficial nematodes come in handy because the fleas will retreat outside and get eaten, hence no flea problem.
Pawz Up, Leigh Foster

I wipe them down daily for the first week, then once a week after that throughout the flea season (dogs too, especially the legs and feet). As for them reacting in any way to the vinegar smell, I havenít had them react to it at all. They just donít like getting wiped down with anything no matter what I use!

For the nematodes, probably Googling information on them would be more helpful, as I live in a very cold climate and we donít have flea problems. Before I started into the holistic means of caring for my pets, I was working and learning in the Western Medicine Veterinary world and used Revolution on my cats and Sentinel on my dogs which eliminated all fleas. Since I used them for several years in a row, the fleas just knew to stay clear of our property or they would meet a horrible death! So when I switched to natural products and my own cognations made from Young Living oils, the fleas have decided that our home simply is not the place to hang out. So I really donít know much about Beneficial Nematodes. I learned about them from Dr. Shawn Messonnier during one of our podcast interviews.

I do know the vinegar trick is awesome. I use it on my new rescues before they come in the house. I carry a premixed bottle of the stuff and clean rags with us. So when we come across a rescue, we immediately apply the vinegar solution and by the time we get home, the cat or dog is flea free.

I hope this helps at least a little bit. I do know that the nematodes, if you place them close to your home, will multiply and move away from your home. What that does is kill the fleas close to your home first then they move their way outward, eating fleas as they go. Also, some will instinctively stay close to your home so it will always be protected. I donít know if they die off in the winter months or if they stay alive underground until spring.
Pawz Up, Leigh Foster

Orange Oil is sometimes called Orangacide by fleas. I found this quote on the Internet: "Orange Oil breaks down the wax in their exoskeletons almost right away and they die FAST. I noticed that within 5 minutes of using it most of them were dead, within 45 minutes I had a one hundred percent kill rate." If your pet is infested, grab a couple fleas and put them in a jar and then drop in a drop of oil and let us know how it goes! -- Michael

I have to add my own 2 cents as I've been fighting fleas for 6 months now and using oils in a spray bottle. I finally found that vinegar does the trick. I have 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup vinegar and then still put in the oils (this time Purification and Idaho Tansy). When it gets depleted I add more vinegar. I'm not sure how the vinegar (plain white distilled) and oils react but this has done the trick. You can be envious as I'm all done with them unless someone brings them back next April! -- Alaska Pamela

We were not talking about antacids for cats; we were discussing AlkaLime in order to bring the pH balance of the BLOOD down to a normal pH balance. NOT the stomach acid. Acidic blood promotes diseases such as arthritis. By using AlkaLime in the food, this will help to bring the pH balance of the blood to a level that is unacceptable for arthritis to develop. Fleas like acidic blood as does other parasites. Again, by neutralizing the blood, you are creating an unacceptable meal for parasites and they will by pass an animal with alkaline blood and attack the animal whose blood is acidic. I hope this helps clear up that issue. Welcome to our group.
Purrs -n- blessings, Leigh Foster

Orange Oil destroys the exoskeleton of fleas and then they die! It is safe to spray all around. You could also mix it up with borax and baking soda to apply to the carpet. Some folks have used the Thieves Cleaner diluted also. Flee fleas for your lives! Orange Oil is gonna get you! -- Celeste

In school we learned that nothing, not even the cold will kill a flea egg and flea eggs can stay dormant for years without having to hatch. Then when the prospect of food is near, they hatch and you have an infestation. This is why people without pets can move into a house that has been empty for years and they get a flea infestation shortly after they unpack. However, I have found that those eggs won't hatch if exposed to Orange Oil. I haven't found out the scientific reason except that it makes the egg "sterile". I haven't been able to get an egg to hatch after I've exposed it to Orange Oil. However, just to be on the safe side I would spray my carpets with Orange Oil 2 weeks after the first spraying, then a month after that. Then the home should be flea free and stay that way. After freeing the home of fleas, I would apply Purification to my pets ears and lightly mist the dogs with Purification/water mixture (I use 10-20 drops of Purification, Lemongrass, Lavender and Peppermint to 1 quart of water, shake and spray and this helps to prevent mosquitoes from biting my dogs and exposing them to heartworm) and this will help repel fleas from staking a home in your dogs fur and in your home as well. I hope this helps.
Many blessings, Leigh

I use Purification, Thieves and Melrose alternated, about once a week to control the fleas and ticks on my indoor/outdoor cats. We have never had a problem and we have a local tick issue, so I am told! And the side benefit is that they are NEVER sick! -- Jessica Wild

I just had to share this great success with my cat Emma, who by the way is 20 going on 21; her birthday is in April. Emma has always been prone to flea allergies and this year she got them really bad. It doesn't take a flea infestation to set them off, one bite does it. Anyway, she was breaking out all over and had crusts all over her back and tail and they do of course itch.

I made up a mix of 10 drops Sandalwood, 10 drops Roman Chamomile and 1 drop Rose in 2 ounces of ionic silver solution. I shook this really well to mix and then sprayed it all over her tail and back while rubbing and massaging it into her skin.

It took a while to see results, because these nasty crusts don't go away overnight, but I did the "treatment" only a few times then let the body go to work with the healing and a couple of weeks later she is practically free of scabs. I will retreat again, to get rid of the small remainders, but I am so thrilled with the results so far! -- Boel

The magic bullet is Peppermint oil. Chases ALL varmints from fleas to rats. (My cats too) Diffuse it. Works great! -- Char

Back on the farm and even now in Arizona, my dogs bring ticks home regularly. When I discover them (usually it is a female and the male is directly below her attached. They must be traveling in pairs before they even get on the dog?) I use Oregano. I have a special bottle just for the ticks. I hold it right on the tick and turn up side down to put some oil on. After that, I wait a few minutes. Sometimes the ticks will release but most of the time they will not. So, I take an ice pick and heat it very hot on the stove (a lighter to heat the pick will do if out in the open) and touch the tick with it. She usually lets go and after the pick has cooled down a bit, I "scrape" again over the area where they were attached to make sure the male has let go also. The Oregano is probably a good guarantee that there will be no infections or Lyme Disease or whatever the ticks may carry. If the tick was attached where the dog, cat or cattle, etc. can reach with tongue or mouth, I dilute the area with some vegetable oil to make it less potent. I have found that this way, I can then pick up the ticks and flush down the potty. I do not want them left behind since I do not know if they will be dead for sure and even if dead, I feel best if they are flushed. The dog never had an infection from any of the ticks. -- Margarete

(Fleas and ticks) I make a spray for my dogs that I apply all over them every day. I put it in a dark spray bottle with essential waters and these oils are good: Purification, Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Citronella, Idaho Tansy, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Pine, Sage, Cedarwood and/or Orange. Give it a try - works great! Heather Harings

I was infested with fleas in the fall. I have 5 cats and 1 dog. Everyone in this house got oiled. Purification and Orange was the best for me. When oiling anyone animal or human we must be careful not to get in eyes. I put Purification, Orange and water in spray bottle sprayed my hands and put hands over cats from head to toe. I also put a blend of Purification and Orange back of their necks and down their spine. I also spray my flea comb with this blend and comb my cats. Every tidbit helps as every animal is different and responds to different methods. My cats come to me for there loving and I am always here with a little oil which helps with these critters that bit them and can make them sick. None of my cats like the spray bottle when directed at them. They are able to enjoy the oils if I spray me and then pet them. I blend the Purification and Orange with olive oil. I get a 15 ml oil bottle 20 drops of Purification and 20 drops of Orange then fill with olive oil. I put the oil on my fingers then on them. The cats do not like the wet drops on them and respond better to my hands. I use Purification and Orange and water in larger spray bottle and spray baseboards etc also. Have a wonderful day. Share your oils with your animals. -- Patricia

I have discovered that since moving to Kansas I was spoiled when it came to fleas. I didn't have a flea problem and my normal, lazy once a month bath and oil collars being replenished 3 times a season went out the door as we crossed the state line!

Once the fleas become an infestation it is so much harder to get rid of and the treatment must be done vigorously and consistently. Not just the animal but also the carpets, linens, bedding all need washed and sprayed twice a day. The animals will need sprayed a minimum of twice a day AFTER being bathed with Animal Scents. I would also suggest vacuuming the carpets twice then shampooing the carpets and furniture and mattresses with Thieves Cleaner mixed with Orange Oil and Purification Oil (I put a full bottle of both oils in the Thieves Cleaner just opened bottle, shake well and that is the bottle I use for my carpet shampooer).

I now need to bathe all cats and dogs once a week! You can only imagine how bad I want Michigan weather back! I also replenish the oil collars (recipe is in my book and also in our files section of the website or one of the members can repost it) once a week using V-6 Oil in place of the alcohol in order for the oils to stay better on the collar. The collar will saturate itself with the oils and last longer. I will also place 2 drops of Purification Oil on my dogs' collars and a drop on the base of their tails before going outside every time they go outside.

I have also developed a flea away ointment using Rose Ointment, Animal Scents Ointment, Purification Oil, Orange Oil, Peppermint Oil (great to help keep the pets cool on a hot day), Lavender Oil, Cedarwood Oil and Thieves Oil blended together (more of the Purification, Orange, and Lavender than the rest) and I get it on my fingers and rub them together then apply it on the ears, belly, inner thighs and base of neck and tail twice daily. I make a less intense version for cats that are sensitive. These cats will squint their eyes and back away if the ointment mixture is too strong. I just dilute it with V-6 Oil or one of the ointments (Rose or Animal Scents). All of this is able to be ingested by the cats and dogs. Mine lick it. I have also added organic fresh picked, fresh pressed garlic to their daily wet food mix to help get rid of the fleas. It has been working great!

Hope this helps! Pawz UP, Leigh

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